“Breathwork is a doorway to the healing and opening of the heart and spirit.”

Jack Kornfield

Buddhist monk and author of A Path With Heart

Working with the breath is an ancient tool used by many cultures and spiritual traditions to calm the mind and to help connect to the unconscious. It is used to create a deeper connection to Self. Breathwork is a powerful tool for transforming our thoughts, emotions, spirit and body.

Most people in our culture have a restricted breath pattern. This in turn limits our ability to experience life to its fullest degree. With breathwork we try to shift the breath into a more open and full wave. This is the way we were intended to breath and the way in which newborn babies breathe. The breath becomes restricted due to physical and emotional traumas, surgery, injuries, pain and beliefs that we hold. Breathwork helps to release these block/restrictions so your breath can return to a more natural state. In this natural state we are able to be more present and open in our day to day activities.

I have found breathwork to be particularly helpful with clients dealing with emotional distress, major life transitions (such as divorce, loss of a loved one, diagnosis of major illness), depression, and anxiety and trauma issues. It works well in conjunction with psychotherapy. It can also help clients who want to deepen their connection to spirit. When we breathe we are able to make more of a personal connection to our spirits.

The breathwork I do is teaching the conscious- connected breath. I use music, movements, and touch to help open the body up to a full wave of breath. By breathing an open, healthy and connected breath our bodies naturally begin to release physical tension and surface levels of stress. Then, as our bodies and our breath become deeper and we learn to physically relax the exhale, we find that this type breathing has the capacity to release deeper emotional and mental patterns as well. It can be done in an individual session or in a group. This way of breathing brings more energy into the body and helps to raise our vibration so we begin to feel more optimistic, joyful and a sense of greater ease. Often times after a breath session a client will feel that they have more energy, feel much lighter and feel grounded and open. Over a period of time we learn to use the breath on our own to stay more open and present throughout our lives.


Breathwork Pricing

  • 90 Minutes: $150




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